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Indian weddings are known for their pomp and circumstance, glitz and glam, serenity and style, and, of course, traditions and fashion. The majority of Indian weddings take place during the day, so the colours are brighter, the bride is more radiant, and natural lighting only adds to the natural beauty of the surroundings and people. Indian weddings, like other traditional weddings, follow a number of traditions. One thing is the rites and rituals, and another is the décor and Indian wedding accessories. Although the dress styles, choices, and décor may vary, certain classic traditional Punjabi wedding accessories are a part of every Indian/Punjabi wedding.

Indian/Punjabi Wedding Accessories – The 5 Traditional Must Haves!
1. Chooda/Chura – Chooda is a wedding accessories for bridal.
2. Kaleera – Kaleera is a wedding accessories that’s attached to the chooda or bangles.
3. Pagdi and Kalgi – Pagdi and kalgi is a wedding accessories. Kalgi will be hold on pagdi.
4. Jago – Jago is must tradition of Punjabi wedding.
5. Lagan Patrika/Shahi Chithi – Lagan Patrika/Shahi Chithi is also most important accessories in Indian/Punjabi wedding. It is use before the wedding.

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